Melons in Droitwich

Melons in Droitwich (2 one-act comedies by Young Nomads)
Young NOMADS are delighted to present two hilarious one-act comedies as their next production – Melons at the Parsonage and The Droitwich Discovery.Melons at the Parsonage
Two amateur drama groups become joint winners of a play festival. The festival rules state that it must be decided by a tie-break which involves both groups performing an extract from their own entry and then an excerpt from the opposing team’s play, but with two very different groups of performers, there could only be hillarious outcomes. However nothing is solved and this time, there is only one thing for it – a rugby scrum will decide the winner!The Droitwich Discovery
Four thespian enthusiasts find themselves in a dusty attic in Droitwich. Their guide explains that Shakespeare, aged ten, lived there. But the question no-one can answer is “How did the cases end up behind the attic door?” Then there emerges a Tudor-looking man, the ghost of Shakespeare. But not the Shakespeare you know! Hilarious results unfold as they work through his own performances.Two really funny productions with great characters and laughs galore – these are not to be missed!

Directed by Elliott Papworth and Andy McGowan with assistance from Rhiannon McBean.

Tickets are £10.00 for Adults & £8.00 for Concessions with the show running nightly at 7:30pm from 7th November – 12th November.