Calamity Jane Cast List

A big thank you to everyone who came along for the Calamity Jane auditions – we had a really talented turn-out! Here is the cast list:

Calamity Jane                                  Laura Jolley
Wild Bill Hickock                            Andy Cosner
Lieut. Danny Gilmartin                Joseph Hall
Katie Brown                                       Katy Cocks
Henry Miller                                      Tim McCormick
Susan                                                     Charlie Maguire
Francis Fryer                                     Lewis Moore
Adelaide Adams                               Karen Thorpe
Rattlesnake                                       Chris Brighty
“Doc” Pierce                                     Andy McGowan
Joe                                                         To be Cast
Hank/Pete                                        Arun Mistry/ To be Cast
Colonel of Fort Scully                   Eric Maguire
Chorus-girls/Townsfolk etc       Sophie Maguire, Tanya Collins, Sarah Clark
We are still looking for someone to play the part of Joe and Pete, as well as male and female members of the ensemble. If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact