Noda Review – Sing When You’re Winning/The Secret

This year to show off the acting talents of the “Middle Section” of Young NOMADS they

performed two one-act comedies which gave me a good opportunity to see what new

potential Young NOMADS has coming through their ranks this year.

‘SING WHEN YOURE WINNINGby Mark Rees -(directed by Elliott Papworth) is about a girls’

football team.

It’s Cup Final Day, and the Blinkthorpe Trophy is up for grabs. The girls of Eckleston

United are geared up ready for the titanic struggle. Unfortunately their goalie has

been nicked for shoplifting. And that’s only for starters!

Obviously the word “teamwork” had been impressed on the young actors as this was

what this whole play was about.

The script did not allow the young ladies of Eckleston United much to get their teeth

into as the majority of the required delivery was “one-liners” all of which was, in the

main, well managed. Projection could have better but considering there were several

members of cast appearing on stage for the first time I thought they all did really


Manager Billy played by CHARLIE WILSON had his work cut out trying to control his team

who all chattered like magpies more interested in talking about what they would get

up to after the game than their Manager’s tactics for winning but he was ably

supported by his wannabe girlfriend Anita played by CHARLIE SHIPP. THOMAS WILSON as

Michael desperately trying to get a photograph of the girls in a state of undress also

did well. However for me, with excellent comic timing, MAX TULK as Spike has been

added to my “watch list”.

The costumes were good, all the team wearing the same kit. Lighting and sound did

all it needed too although I would have liked a few sound effects to enhance the

atmosphere during the imaginary football match. But well done to all involved an

excellent first night performance from everyone,

‘THE SECRET‘ – A black comedy by Joy Davis -directed by Andy McGowan.

Three friends hire the local village hall to write a murder mystery. Their ideas are acted

out and as their script develops so do the characters with Colonel Blaggard, who is a

bigamist, turning into a blackmailed, bible bashing, serial killer. With the body count

rising by the minute, the police are called in to solve the murders but only add to the


This play has a challenge of its own in that the actors have to act out the ideas of the

three writers (Mary, Jo and Leah played by RHIANNON HAWKINS, LAUREL BEACH and ELIZE

COLLINS) who constantly change their minds. This trio worked well together and very well

done Elize who stood in at the last minute for the original Leah who was unable to do the

show through illness.

Congratulations to MARCUS PORTER who played the murderous Colonel Blaggard. He coped

with all the scenarios thrown at him by the three writers with aplomb.

Great support too from LARA KEEN (Gloria) RHAPSODY ROLFE (Jilly) and ELLA HAYWARD (Milly/

Tilly) who is another one for my “watch list” My picking out only a few members of this

large cast should in no way be assumed that the others actors were left wanting. Black

comedy is very difficult to do and the whole cast really did pull it off. What was very

impressive was the way all the dead bodies remained completely inert even when being

ignominiously dragged off to what must have been an aircraft hanger size garden shed.

Again for this play all technical aspects were very good.

It is lovely to see Young NOMADS has a wealth of talent coming through. I will be

interested to see the progress of many of the new members as, on this showing, we will

see some very fine performers entertaining us in the future.

Julie Petrucci

Regional Representative NODA East District Four South