NODA Review – The Wonderful World of Musicals

The Wonderful World of Musicals, billed as an extravaganza from then and now: a journey through

the work of some of the best loved musical theatre composers over the past 100 years featuring

both timeless classics and new stage hits. Director Fiona Maguire had her work cut out choosing

eighteen songs and a couple of medleys when the challenge of choosing just one from prolific

composers proved difficult.

Several shows from which songs came were unfamiliar to me but nevertheless I felt the songs

were great and worked well outside their respective shows. One exception was Feed Me from

Little Shop of Horrors, which is a favourite show of mine, but, unlike Suddenly Seymour, Feed Me

doesn’t work well as a stand-alone song. Having said that, thank you Fiona for not only introducing

me to From Now On (The Greatest Showman) and Days and Days (Fun Home) but for the Put on

Your Sunday Clothes ear worm still going round my head two days afterwards!

The Ensemble numbers were all very well done and there wwere some super renditions from the

principal soloists who are all to be congratulated on the quality of their individual contributions. I

have often wondered what happens when a soloist forgets the lyrics and now I know, you keep

smiling, keep dancing, and pick it up on the next bar. Well done Mabel!

I have to say that Musical Director Joseph Hall is a very talented young man who makes the

transition from performing on stage to talented musician flawlessly. I can see Joseph has a long

and bright career ahead. The medley sections of the programme were well put together and the

many musical styles were handed well. Compliments too, to the excellent Band, Katy Cocks and

Joseph on keyboards and Josh Jenkins on drums. It sounded great.

Pam Daish’s choreography was pitched just right, with some interesting groupings and neat

footwork. Congratulations to the tappers, especially in I Got Rhythm (Crazy for You).

I have to mention the few technical blips on the first night as it is part of my job. There were one or

two follow spot problems. Often solo singers were unlit or didn’t find their light and similarly with

the duets. Maybe an extra bit of technical rehearsal with the relevant cast members who needed

the spot would have helped and, unfortunately, there was the perennial body mic problems.

Several times Ensemble singers’ mics were not turned on in time. The set was simple but had

what was needed. Clever idea painting the red carpet on the steps – it looked good.

The amount of research and effort involved in putting the programme for the show together to

provide an entertaining evening was impressive. The show programme itself did the show full

justice. It is excellent and I feel should be a contender for the NODA programme competition.

Congratulations to all involved and thank you for your hospitality and a very pleasant evening.

Julie Petrucci

Regional Representative NODA East, District Four South